CERN Relay Race


The race is a relay in 6 stages : 1000-800-800-600-600-400 metres.

It's a fun event, and you don't have to run fast to enjoy it. The times for the course range from under 12 to over 20 minutes, and more than 150 teams usually take part.


The race starts at the roundabout in front of building 40, takes routes Curie, Bakker, Wu and Pauli towards gate B,  and then follows routes Einstein and Schrodinger towards the western end of the site, before returning via routes Siegbahn, Gregory, Feynman, Weisskopf, Bloch, and Curie to the finish where it started, in front of building 40.

The changeovers are marked on the road by three parallel lines with numbers between them that give the lengths of the corresponding legs. The changes must take place between the first and the third line. The five changeovers are :

  1. 1000m - 800m: route Einstein, near building 194
  2. 800m - 800m: route Schrodinger, near building 297
  3. 800m - 600m: route Gregory, near building 30
  4. 600m - 600m: route Feynman, near building 31
  5. 600m - 400m: route Bloch, near building 107


Relay Route



Inscriptions for the Relay Race are managed through this web site. A message will appear on every page when they are open.

Team captains will need to log in with their CERN username/password to register a team. If you do not have a registered CERN account, please first register your e-mail address at

Runners will need to have access to the CERN site of Meyrin on the race day. In case they do not have it, they need to register at least 48h before the race on this page : They will then be able to enter CERN on the day of the race, using entrance B, provided that they bring an ID. Their visitor badge will be available at the gate.

Entry Fee

An entry fee of 70 CHF per relay team is payable when the team captain collects the numbers and baton.

The entry fee for the nordic walking is of 10CHF per participant.

The distribution of the race numbers and batons will happen 24h before the race, between 12:15 and 13:00 in the Main Building.


CERN categories

 The 6 runners in the team must belong to the same professional unit (department, group, project, experiment, firm)

  • Seniors: 6 runners (women/men) , no age limits
  • Dames: 6 women, no age limit
  • Mixte: teams including at least 2 women

Open categories

The 6 runners in the team do not necessarily belong to the same professional unit (department, group, project, experiment, firm). This includes teams invited from outside CERN. 

  • Open6 runners (women/men) , no age limits
  • Veterans Open6 runners, each runner 40 or over OR total age 270 years or more
  • Dames Open6 women, no age limits
  • Mixte Open: teams including at least 2 women

The winners of each category receive a trophy cup.


There are also challenge cups for:

  • department Challenge for the best represented Department
  • the fanciest dressing

There is a souvenir prize for each participant, and the top three teams in each category will receive a trophy.

Nordic Walking

The Nordic Walking event which will take place over a shortened version of the Relay Race circuit. The distance is 2.26km. Entries are on an individual basis. Each Nordic Walker will receive the same souvenir prize as the Relay Race runners and will count towards the Department trophy for their department.




Kid's race

The Kid's race is only open to children of the Jardin des particules, under the supervision of their teachers. The race is a relay of 3 children over a total distance of 990m, each child running one third of the total. Each child will receive the same souvenir prize as the Relay Race runners.

Kid's race route


Animations will start at 12pm on the lawn in front of restaurant 1

  • 12:00 - 12:45 Music
  • 12:15 - Start of the Race
  • 12:45 - 13:15 Music
  • 13:15 - 13:30 Race Result and prizes
  • 13:30 - 14:00 Music

Numerous other events will also be taking place, and information stands for many CERN associations and clubs will be available.