The 2018 relay race will take place on Thursday, May 24th.

Registrations are now open until Tuesday, May 22nd .Click here for subscribing a team to the relay race and there to subscribe to the nordic walk. More details are available on this page

Best 15 times in 21st Century
12016Berthies Sport SegnyOpen10mn 19s
22013VELO CITY Hommes Open10mn 31s
32017Berthies Sport HommeOpen10mn 34s
42006The Shabbys Hommes Senior10mn 39s
52006ALICE - Out of Control Hommes Senior10mn 41s
62007Shabbys Volantes Hommes Open10mn 41s
72004The Shabbys Hommes Senior10mn 42s
82000Olympic-Prepared Athletic Legends Hommes Senior10mn 44s
92003The Shabbys Marijuana Hommes Senior10mn 44s
102002The Shabbys Hommes Open10mn 45s
112005The Shabbys Hommes Senior10mn 49s
122000Neutrinos to Gran Sasso Hommes Open10mn 49s
132000Charmilles Technologies 1 Hommes Open10mn 50s
142008The shabbys Hommes Open10mn 51s
152006Los Latinos Volantes Hommes Open10mn 52s
Best 15 times in 20th Century
11982UA1 Strollers Hommes Senior10mn 13s
21990Service Sécurité Aéroport Hommes Open10mn 16s
31987BIT M2 (hors concours) Hommes Open10mn 23s
41990Oslo University Hommes Senior10mn 23s
51976DD Beats Hommes Senior10mn 24s
61984UA1 Monojets Hommes Senior10mn 24s
71986BIT Hommes Veteran A10mn 24s
81991Service Sécurité Aéroport Hommes Open10mn 24s
91991Noarmerwegicians Hommes Open10mn 27s
101983The Polar Stars Hommes Senior10mn 28s
111986UA1 Monojets Hommes Senior10mn 28s
121987Vol-au-Vent Hommes Senior10mn 29s
131988Service Sécurité Aéroport Hommes Open10mn 29s
141978WA7 Hommes Senior10mn 32s
151988BIT Runners Hommes Open10mn 32s

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